Who We Are

The FutureLaw Initiative is an R&D platform, a hub for researchers and consultants working on the sustainable application of Rule of Law and Justice (SDG 16). Our goal is to contribute in the sustainable development of legal professionals in Bangladesh by capacity-building of the stakeholders through innovation.

What We do

As a consultancy platform, we strive to accumulate idea and knowledge in order to incubate and nurture them for the betterment of legal professionals. With an experience of over 5 years, we regularly organize and collaborate with various training programs, seminars, conferences and promote academic discussions and publications.

Our consultants provide best quality research-documentation and tech support to the legal professionals, academic institution and organizations.

To realize our long-term goal to ease the access to justice for everyone in Bangladesh, we are currently working on developing an electronic system of Legal support, from which mass people, SME and startups shall be benefited.

FutureLaw also works as an information portal for legal professionals and law student, where the updates and developments about rule of law, justice and sustainable development can be accessed easily.


Information provided on the FutureLaw Initiative are for research and informational purposes only. Opinions expressed in the articles at “Resources” section represent the views of solely the author. FutureLaw Initiative shall not take any liability for the information or the views provided in the articles at “Resources” section.