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By FutureLaw Desk

Advocacy group Reporters Without Borders released its annual rankings today, and warned of “a new era of propaganda” since the overall World press freedom deteriorated in the year 2015.

Published annually by RSF since 2002, the World Press Freedom Index ranks 180 countries on some specific indicators such as Media Independence, Self-censorship, the Rule of law, Transparency and abuses.

Bangladesh ranked 146th in the index this year; last year it was in 144th position. Read the full report on Bangladesh here.

Among the lowest ranked countries were Syria, at 177th place out of 180, just below China (176th) but above Eritrea (179th) and last placed North Korea.

Norway took the top spot and Sweden took the second. However, Finland dropped to third position after retaining to top position for six consecutive years.

For the full list of 2017 World Press Freedom Index, visit the Official Website of RSF