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By FutureLaw Desk

The government of Bangladesh has started registering all the Rohingya refugees who have fled the recent wave of  sectarian violence raging in neighboring Myanmar. As of now, 20 camps have been set up from Kutupalong to Balukhali for registration process.

It is expected that some 14,000 Rohingyas will be enlisted every day. The project has been undertaken by the Passport office, with a view to record the finger prints, entry time and the Myanmar address of the Rohingya refuges. Afterwards, the Rohingya refugees will get their identity cards.

Bangladesh announced the concept of National Refugee Policy in 2014.  One of the positive attitudes of the Bangladesh administration was the careful use of the term “Undocumented Nationals of Myanmar” (UNM), instead of refugees or stateless Rohingya people. Thereby, Bangladesh acknowledged Rohingya as the citizens of Myanmar, although even in the recent political changes failed to shed any positive light upon the problem, as Aung Sun Suu Kyi herself declared to ban the usage of the word “Rohingya”, which is described by many as a disgraceful stance by the democratic leader.

The National Policy on the undocumented nationals of Myanmar contains five key points – Enlistment of all Rohingya people staying in Bangladesh, providing basic humanitarian relief to all, strengthening diplomatic relationship and the border management issues with Myanmar Govt., and boosting the coordination among concerned sectors at national level.

Although the enlistment process was started couple of years earlier, this recent violence has boosted up the urgency of the project.