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By FutureLaw Desk

According to a new survey of the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS), the trend of domestic violence in Bangladesh is slightly going downwards. The stats of 2016 reveals, approximately 72.6% of the married women have suffered from some forms of domestic violence in their lifetime, whereas the Violence against Women (VAW) survey of 2011 showed that about 87% of married women were psychologically going through family violence.

Findings of the survey was unveiled at a press conference by BBS in Dhaka. It was conducted throughout Bangladesh in August, 2016.

The 2016 survey states that, 55% women are suffering from strict control and restrictions  from their husband or families. For the first time, these are also regarded as domestic abuse.

“Control and restriction abuses include restricting the woman to go out of her home, or to do anything she wishes. Although this is not generally recognized as a bad thing at all in Bangladesh, but the UN regards it as a violence.”

– Mr. Jahidul Islam Sardar, Director, Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS)

As per the laws of Bangladesh governing the prohibition of violence against women, the violence and tortures are categorized into four groups – physical, psychological, sexual and economic. A report on a survey conducted in 2013 portrayed that, 77% of married women responding to the survey admitted about domestic abuse, among them 50% women suffered from physical torture.

The survey also shows that 28% women suffer from psychological abuse and torture (82% according to the 2011 survey) while 11% are going through economic abuse (53% according to the 2011 survey).


Source: BBC (Bangla)

The featured photo was taken from Citizens Against Spouse Abuse (CASA)