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As a support to the young Entrepreneurs of Bangladesh aiming to build their dreams, we are covering here the legal issues that every business or idea needs to consider.

We hope the following guidelines will help you to understand and prepare your startup/company to begin its journey. In case if you have any specific query, feel free to take advice from our Virtual Lawyer, or drop us a line at

Step One: Understand

The Business Environment in Bangladesh – World Bank Doing Business Guide

Starting a Business in Bangladesh: Procedures and time at a glance

Financing your business – Venture Capital Funds in Bangladesh

Financing your business – SME Bank Loans in Bangladesh

Incentives for Foreign investors in Bangladesh

Legal concerns to consider before starting Business in Bangladesh (Coming soon)

The Laws of Equity Financing in Bangladesh: Alternative Investment Funds (Coming soon)

Bangladesh Bank Guidelines on ForEx and Money Laundering

Legal Aspects of E-Commerce in Bangladesh: An Introduction


Step Two: Incorporation and Approvals

What type of Company suits you best? (Coming soon)

Registration of your Company at RJSC

Getting Trade License for your business

Establishing a Partnership

Opening a Branch/ Liaison office of a foreign company

Getting Import Registration Certificate 

Getting Export License Registration Certificate

How to open a Letter of Credit (L/C)


Step Three: Regulations and Compliance

Understand the Corporate tax regimes of Bangladesh

Understand the VAT regimes of Bangladesh

Online Tax Identification Number (TIN) Registration

Online VAT Registration

Tax Benefits for investors in IT Sector

Tax Benefits for Foreign investors in Bangladesh

Standardization Certificate from BSTI

Environmental Clarence Certificate

Fire License


Step Four: Protect your Business

Trademark Registration Process

Copyright Registration Process

Getting Patent for your product

Insurance for your company

Consumers Rights Protection in Bangladesh

Competition Law of Bangladesh


Step Five: Thrive your Business

Going Public: IPO and Stock Exchange procedures in Bangladesh

Merger and Acquisition in Bangladesh


Step Six: Protect your Rights

General Diary (GD) Form of Dhaka Metropolitan Police

Legal Remedies for Breach of Contract

Legal Remedies for Cheque Dishonor

How to get your lent money back

How to file a Criminal Case in Bangladesh

How to file a Civil Suit in Bangladesh

We hope the above guidelines shall help you to understand and prepare your startup to begin its journey. In case if you have any specific query, feel free to take advice from our Virtual Lawyer, or drop us a line at