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By FutureLaw Desk

Popular Diagnostic Centre Ltd is looking for suitable candidates for the position of Legal Officer.

Application Deadline – October 31, 2018

Job Description

Legal Officer will be responsible for monitoring all legal affairs within their organization. He handle both internal and external legal concerns, and are tasked with doing everything in their power to keep their organization out of legal trouble.

Training period will be Six (06) month. After completing the training perod company will deceide to make it permanent.


  • Provide Legal Advice
  • Using oral or written platforms, Legal Officers will be expected to brief team of staff members on legal issues, potential liabilities and possible courses of actions. This involves translating complicated legal jargon into language which everyone can understand, as well as taking all possible legal problems into consideration before making any recommendations. All recommendations which the Legal Officer makes must be in complete compliance with the law, and must also strive to minimize risk for their organization.
  • Process Documents
  • Any sort of legal work involves a great deal of paperwork, and the job of a Legal Officer is no exception. Legal Officers will frequently need to write and review settlement documents, contracts, agreements, stock certificates and more. This task makes up of a significant portion of the day-to-day work of Legal Officers, and requires both focus and precision.
  • Perform Research
  • Since laws and regulations are always changing and being modified, it’s up to the Legal Officer to continuously research legal resources such as articles, codes, statutes, judicial decisions and more. Doing so will allow the Legal Officer to stay up to date on all current laws and make well-educated legal recommendations.
  • Identify Risks
  • Ideally, legal issues should be nipped in the bud before they even begin. This is why it’s essential for Legal Officers to regularly analyze the actions and decisions of their companies in order to identify problem areas, suggest alternative courses of action and mitigate risk as much as possible.
  • Direct Staff
  • When a legal matter is underway, it’s up to the Legal Officer to direct all claim adjusters, liability attorneys and other members of the legal staff. With proper leadership, the legal staff can proceed with clarity, efficiency and confidence and hopefully resolve the matter swiftly.

Educational Requirements

  • Master of Law (LLM)
  • Candidate will must have Bangladesh Bar Registered Lawyer.

Experience Requirements

  • 2 to 3 year(s)
  • Freshers are also encouraged to apply.

Additional Requirements

  • Age at most 35 years
  • Only males are allowed to apply

Job Location
Anywhere in Bangladesh

Salary and Benefits
Salary negotiable
Provident fund
Yearly Salary Review