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The National Helpline Center for preventing violence against women and children is going to introduce a mobile phone application for better intervention and results. Minister of Women and Children Affairs Meher Afroz Chumki declared in a press briefing at the Ministry today (June 21) that the app will be inaugurated on August 8, 2016.

To prevent the problems of accessibility of the victims and also to provide emergency support by the National Help Line, the app was designed as ‘Joy : An ICT Tool to prevent violence against women and children’ for smartphone platforms.

In this app, the user can store three phone numbers of family members or friends, the national helpline (10921) and also the number police station. When in distress, a one touch icon shall automatically send a emergency ,essage to those numbers. The user will need to tap once onto the icon.

Besides, this app will automatically record conversations and also take pictures from time to time.

The Minister stated that, all the information shall be stored in the mobile. If the user is online, then those will be shared with the National server and will used as evidence to investigate and redress the problems. Necessary information about the women and children’s rights will also be in the app in both Bangla and English.

Source – SheershaNews