In collaboration with different youth-led and legal platforms, non-govt. organizations and our esteemed clients, FutureLaw Initiative provided training, research and logistic supports. Some of the notable instances are as follows –

1) Inauguration of Law Clinic and Certificate Course at Canadian University of Bangladesh

The FutureLaw Initiative is proud to be a part of the Law Clinic and the Certificate Course on Mooting, Advocacy and Legal Research, designed for the Department of Law, Canadian University of Bangladesh.

2) Workshop on Legal Reasoning and Argumentative Skills, Chittagong University

A two-days long workshop on legal reasoning and argumentative skills was organized by Society for Critical Legal Studies (SCLS), a study forum run by law students community of Chittagong. FutureLaw Initiative conducted sessions on orientation on mooting and critical legal thinking in the workshop.

3) Service provided to UNICEF on the Evaluation of Child Protection Country Program

UNICEF conducted a six-months long evaluation on the child protection country program for the cycle 2012-2016; this evaluation covered 20 UNDAF districts in seven divisions of Bangladesh. FutureLaw provided necessary research, translation and interpretation support to the evaluation.

4) Collaboration with Network for International Law Students (NILS)

FutureLaw Initiative proudly collaborated with NILS on a number of programs, including conferences and workshops for law students in Bangladesh.

5) Organizing the 1st Intra-Department Moot Court Competition at Canadian University of Bangladesh

FutureLaw Initiative collaborated with the Department of Law, Canadian University of Bangladesh to organize the 1st Intra-Department Moot Court Competition, 2017 by providing training and logistic support.

6) Research on Rohingya Communities presented at SEAHum Conference 2016 in Indonesia

A research paper prepared by FutureLaw was presented at the South East Asia Conference on Rohingya, organized by the South East Asian Humanitarian Commitee (SEAHum) and it took place at Bogor, Indonesia.

7) Workshop on Mooting at Daffodil International University

Department of Law, Daffodil International University organized a workshop on mooting to encourage young law students to embark upon the journey of trial advocacy and legal research. FutureLaw Initiative conducted a session on introduction and art of argumentation in mooting.

8) Research on Microfinance realities from Islamic perspective presented at 3rd IISS in Turkey

A research paper on the microfinance reality of Bangladesh from Islamic point of view, prepared by FutureLaw was presented at the 3rd ILEM International Summer School, organized by Scientific Study Society of Turkey (ILEM). It was held at Seljuk University, Konya, Turkey.

9) Research and Documentation support to Save the Children International

FutureLaw provided research, documentation and translation support to a number of field research and evaluation programs of Save the Children International.

10) Support at the Anti Corruption Tribunal of Bangladesh Cricket Board

Bangladesh Cricket Board constituted the Anti Corruption Tribunal to prosecute allegations of match fixing at Bangladesh Premier League. FutureLaw provided interpretation and documentation support to the Anti Corruption Security Unit (ACSU) and the Legal team of International Cricket Council (ICC).