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Martin Duran was shot to death at his home in Michigan last year in May, 2015; the only witness of the murder was his wife Glenna, who also suffered a head wound but survived. Until, now…..

The ex-wife of murder victim Martin Duram is convinced her pet parrot Bud could prove to be the crucial witness in a forthcoming trial. Enter Bud — an African grey pet parrot was present at the place, and caged, when the shootings took place.

Martin’s ex-wife, Christina Keller, claims that since the killing the parrot has spoken about little else. She says that Bud just keeps saying “don’t fucking shoot” in her former husband’s voice over and over again.

This is however, not the first instance of using animals as witnesses.

In 2008, a dog called Scooby was led into the witness box in a French Court to see how it reacted to a suspect, being the first ever animal witness to a criminal trial. Scooby “barked furiously” suggesting that the apparent suicide might have been something else. However, the ‘testimony’ of the dog was not taken in account by the Court.

Source: Legal Cheek