Shyikh Mahdi
Founder & CEO
Traveloholic Lawyer, Street food junkie, Human Rights and Development activist.
Nezam Uddin
Tech Adviser
Co-Founder at Future Startup and Managing Partner at Thinkpool
Mostafa Feroz
Program Adviser
Development Practitioner on Child Rights and International Refugee Management

Panel of Consultants

Lokman Hussain
Research Consultant
Lecturer of Law at University of Asia Pacific
Sheikh Muhibullah
Research Consultant
Sub-Editor at Daily Observer and Lecturer at United International University
Tashmirul Islam Udoy
Research Consultant
Lawyer, Sub-Editor at Daily Vorer Pata
Sayeed Sarwar
Translation Consultant
Organizing Secretary, Dhaka University Moot Court Society

Panel of Contributors

Mahmudul Hasan
Law Teacher and Legal Researcher
Aiman Rahman Khan
Legal Researcher, Photographer and Music Enthusiast
Shaikhul Islam Imran
Law student, Human Rights activist, Geopolitical analyst
Nabila Rubaiyat
Law student, Aspiring Globe trotter, Liberal progressive Muslim, Nature lover
Ali Mashraf
Law Student, Sports Blogger and Student Activist
Raihan Rahman Rafid
Law student, Debater, Blogger, Photographer, Media and Social activist