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By Abdullah Al Sayeem

Considering the necessity of understanding legal research and writing for young law students, NILS Mooting School, a sister concern of the Bangladesh chapter of the Network for International Law Students (NILS Bangladesh) hosted an intensive day-long workshop on Legal Research and Writing on September 7, 2018 at Institute of Fine Arts, University of Chittagong. 50 selected participants from different law schools attended the program.

The workshop was inaugurated by singing the National Anthem passionately and playing an introducing documentary of NILS mooting school. The morning session of the workshop was conducted by Mr. Moniruz Zaman, Lecturer, Department of Law, Eastern University. The session provided an introduction to legal research, different types of research, how and where to find laws and case laws along with different areas of searching tips and tricks. He urged the participants to use simple sentence and avoid complexities in research to make it easier for the readers. At the end of his session, he gave some important tips and tricks regarding legal drafting. After this session, participants were divided into 6 teams for an inclusive exercise session.

The afternoon session was facilitated by Mr. Pizuar Hossain, Lecturer, Department of Law, East-West University, on “Legal Research & Methodology”. Throughout his inclusive interactive session, Mr. Hossain outlined lots of topics including legal research methodology & methods, how to choose the topic, title, components of a research paper, citation, plagiarism etc. After his interactive session, another exercise session was held where 6 teams were assigned with 6 different topics and after an instant 15 minutes preparation, each team presented abstract and research question on their assigned topic respectively.

Md. Shahidul Alam Chowdhury Thonu from the University of Chittagong and his team bagged the best performer award among the 6 teams of the workshop. After the whole training, Tokens of appreciation were handed over to the facilitators. The closing ceremony was presided by Sheikh Habibur Rahman, General Secretary, NILS International and Head of the NILS Mooting School. In his concluding remarks, he sincerely thanked the Trainers and Trainees.

The Network for International Law Students (NILS) is an international, independent, non-political and non-profit organization operating in 26 different countries and expanding across six continents of the globe. NILS Mooting School is an initiative taken by Bangladesh Chapter of NILS under the Project of Clinical Legal Studies which is exclusively set for the upbringing of young Mooters through versatile applied & effective means by following a very well decorated learning manual.

Abdullah Al Sayeem is a law student of International Islamic University Chittagong.