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Dhaka Law Review arranged a learning session on Corporate Law and Financial Regulations at the Department of Law, University of Dhaka. The session was conducted by Mr. Nazmus Sakib Tareque, a BCL student of Oxford University.


At the onset of his session, the speaker introduced to the participants, the basic concept of learning business law and corporate law; and familiarized them with the process by which lawyers play a role behind the business deals and contracts formed between financial institutions. He discussed the working principles of banking, described credit deposit system, and introduced the audience to terms like financial dumping, bankruptcy etc. To further connect the audience to the notion, he analyzed the mechanism behind economic recession of 2008/09 in the UK. Later, he discussed the multinational deals and elucidated related topics, like, syndicated loan in the context of financial regulation. Near the end, he emphasized on the necessity of being acquainted with basic economy properly understanding the aspect of corporate law and financial regulation.

While wrapping up the session, Mr. NazmusSaqib Tareque shared his personal experiences as a student and his journey till Oxford. He urged the students to set their goals to obtain a higher degree from abroad. He encouraged them to find out their places of interest, ‘ zing ‘ in his words. Moreover, he incited the students to not simply dream of what they want to do, but to set a concrete plan to achieve it, however challenging it might be.

By the end of the session, the students convened a firsthand knowledge on corporate law and its aspects. Overall, his experiences and words motivated the students to chase their respective dreams with a new energy and zeal.