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Enrique Peña Nieto, the sitting President of Mexico is accused of heavy plagiarism in his thesis for Law degree from Panamerican University of Mexico; an investigative report by Aristegui Noticias, a local Mexican news outlet has published the report.

The report said, 29% of the thesis material President Peña Nieto wrote for his BA in Law degree was lifted from other works; even 20 paragraphs were copied word-for-word from a book written by former president Miguel de la Madrid without citation or mention in the bibliography.

The thesis titled ‘Mexican Presidentialism and Alvaro Obregón’ was submitted in 1991 to the Panamerican University, which is a private Catholic university located in Mexico city.

However, a spokesman for President Peña Nieto responded that the president had completed all requirements for his law degree and downplayed the relevance of “style errors” in academic work done 25 years earlier.

However, this is not a very new incident for a top politician of a country.

In 2006, a scholar at the Brookings Institution found that Russian president Vladimir Putin had copied pages of material from a book written by two American professors in earning his graduate degree. Putin earned is Law degree from Saint Petersberg State University in 1975; his thesis title was ‘Most Favored Nation Trading Principe in International Law’.

In 2012, Hungary’s President Pal Schmitt resigned after a scandal over his doctoral dissertation on Physical Education.

Source: The Guardian