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By Sakhawat Sejan

Society For Critical Legal Studies (SCLS) is going to arrange the ‘Law Olympiad on Human Rights’ on 29-30th of August in Chittagong for the first time in Bangladesh. The ‘Law Olympiad’ shall convey eight distinct problems on  human rights issues. The participants will be representing the problems by providing the best possible solutions through research and presentations, facing Point of Information from the Judge’s panel and other participants. The Olympiad shall host a total of 64 law students in 32  teams.

The two days of Olympiad exposure through critical legal analysis will give the participants an untasted venture in the complex realm of human rights and its uncharted territories.

Register now through the link –

The program is open for all the law students from different law schools of Bangladesh. Stay connected with the Facebook Page and Facebook Event of the Olympiad for further clarifications, registration process and important updates.