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By Ali Mashraf

Law students have multiple career options to choose from once they graduate. This, however, can become a daunting task for many in the absence of proper guidelines or assistance. With this in view, Career Club of Department of Law, University of Dhaka undertook the initiative to host a Career Talk on ‘Career in Law’ on Thursday, November 9, 2017 at the premises of Law Faculty. Students from honors and master’s level were participants at the event.

The event was inaugurated by Mr. Mohammad Golam Sarwar, Lecturer, Department of Law, University of Dhaka and an advisor to the Career Club. Mr. Sarwar mentioned that this initiative would help in enriching the soft skills of the students, a pre-requisite for landing jobs in the professional world. Additionally, he claimed that the Career Club would aim to unleash the latent skills of the students through skill-building workshops to broaden their skill sets. Citing the competitive nature of the job market and the percentage of unemployed graduates, he urged the students to make the most out of this opportunity so that they do not remain unemployed after graduation.

Afterwards, Professor Dr. Ridwanul Hoque, Advisor, Career Club presented on different career opportunities for law graduates. He said that having a career club in law schools is a must and emphasized upon specific need-based career workshops for bringing value to the careers of law graduates. Furthermore, he compared the competitiveness between the job markets of UK and Bangladesh for law students and discussed at length regarding the major and other career paths in the legal field.

Dr. Hoque also urged the students to write more on different legal issues and critiquing different judgments of the Courts to develop their writing and critical thinking skills. He concluded by saying that legal acumen, communication, and negotiation skills were quite crucial for every law graduate to succeed in their respective careers.

Advocate Kawser Ahmed from the Supreme Court of Bangladesh then talked about the prospects and challenges of becoming a lawyer. He pointed out that skills, not knowledge was the key factor in the job sector and advised those who were eager to join the bar to complement and supplement their seniors with the relevant skills. Moreover, he mentioned the five basic skills (listening, reading, thinking, writing and speaking) that are essential in enhancing career opportunities for aspiring lawyers. He specifically urged those who aspired to become legal educators to start writing on various critical legal issues to put forward their views.

Mr. Syed Masud Reza, Assistant Professor, Department of Law, University of Dhaka then moderated an interactive session with the participants and drew an end to the proceedings of the event. He commented that in order to succeed in their respective professions, students needed to be patient and love their work. He also listened to various suggestions put forward by the students and endorsed those views for future activities of the Career Club.

The program ended after a photo session of the participants with the guest speakers. Career Club, Department of Law intends to host more career talks and skill-building sessions for the students to train them up for their respective professions in near future.

This article was first published in the Law & Our Rights section of The Daily Star