By FutureLaw Desk

A new legal development platform, the Forum of Corporate Advisory Lawyers (FOCAL) is launched recently for the Bangladeshi law firms and lawyers practicing corporate law.

Founded by a group of leading Bangladeshi lawyers of the new generation with a view to developing the knowledge and professional ecosystem, this platform aims to spearhead the transformation of the corporate legal industry in Bangladesh in the coming days.

One of the founding trustees of FOCAL, Barrister Junayed Chowdhury, commented to the Business Standard that “the idea of FOCAL stems from the collaborative ethos of members of Bangladesh corporate Bar and it is hoped that in due time FOCAL will become the bridging platform for the legal profession, other stakeholders and policymakers in Bangladesh“.

The launching of collaborative platforms like this marks a paradigm shift in the legal industry of Bangladesh, which suffered through the notorious lack of an institutional approach for knowledge and professional development, especially in private law. This may help Bangladesh to gradually emerge as a notable competitor for corporate legal services in the Asia-pacific region.

Further details (e.g. programs, memberships, events, etc.) are to be unveiled on the official website of FOCAL ( ).