By Farhan Iftekhar

The Bangladesh Chapter of Network for International Law Students (NILS-BD), a non-profit institution contributing to the legal field of education, has organised a legal awareness programme at Bagmoniram Siraja Khatun City Corporation Girl’s High School, Chattogram on July 27, 2019.

The foremost aim of this programme was to create awareness regarding different social problems and issues such as- Eve-teasing, Child marriage, Dowry, Cyber Crime, etc. among the teenage students. Two teams comprising of ten trained speakers from different universities conducted interactive sessions on the topics, where more than 200 students of class 9-10 of the school participated actively.

The speakers focused on how to overcome these problems and informed them about the ways to seek legal remedies to those alarming social problems or issues.

The Network for International Law Students (NILS) is an international, independent, non-political and non-profit organization operating in 26 different countries and expanding across six continents of the globe. NILS Mooting School is an initiative taken by Bangladesh Chapter of NILS under the Project of Clinical Legal Studies which is exclusively set for the upbringing of young Mooters through versatile applied & effective means by following a very well decorated learning manual.

Farhan Iftekhar is a law student of University of Chittagong.