About the Program

‘Shunagoric’ (সুনাগরিক) means Good Citizens, the smallest particles of a society who ultimately define the success of democracy, human rights, rule of law and good governance in a country. Our goal is to teach and raise awareness among young students (school-college level) about the very basic concepts of the Constitution of Bangladesh, Human Rights and Duty towards the state and citizens. In this regard, following topics shall be covered –

  1. Bangladesh (The Constitution, War of Liberation, Government System, Democracy)
  2. Basic Human Rights (Equality, Right to Life, Freedom of Expression etc.)
  3. Access to Justice (Taking Police Support, Filing Complaints, Legal Aid, ADR)
  4. Social Awareness (Prevention of Dowry, Child Marriage, Torture and Harassment)
  5. Good Citizenship (Prevention of Corruption, Environmental Protection, Tax awareness)

This is a pro-bono program which is run by volunteering law students and young professionals.


All the topics shall be presented before the students in a very simple/ engaging way so that everyone can grasp the messages properly. Afterwards, a short exam will be taken to assess the reception of information as well as to encourage the students to learn and engage more into these issues.


3000 students across all over Bangladesh (Pilot level)

Details coming soon.