By FutureLaw Desk

Legal research is a painstaking, nerve wrecking and often intellectually taunting task, especially when you can’t find the exact material that you’ve been looking for hours. Fortunately there are some brilliant web tools which can help you out, but most of them are ‘premium’ content, you need to pay for the material or a subscription.

But there are some open source databases, legal platforms and websites which provides a plenty of materials for free. All you need to do is find the right place to look for, then keep digging with patience. We have compiled a list (which will be updated regularly) for you.

Best Free Legal Resources

Laws/ Treaty-Conventions/ Constitutions 

Laws of Bangladesh – Laws of Bangladesh

International Legal Documents (Treaty/ Conventions)WorldLII

Laws of 78+ CountriesGlobal Regulations  (First 10 searches are free)

Comparative Analysis of Constitutions of the World – Constitute

Cases & Judgments

For the Judgments of the Appellate Division of BangladeshAD Judgments

For the Judgments of the High Court Division of BangladeshHCD Judgments

For the Bangladesh Supreme Court Online Bulletin (SCOB) – SCOB Cases

For the Bangladeshi Cases reported by Chancery Law Chronicles – CLC Reports

For the Legislations and Case laws of IndiaIndian Kanoon

For the British and Irish Case laws – BAILII

For the American Case laws – Justia

For the European Case laws – Curia

Legal Research/ Academic Research

For General Legal Research – Harvard Law Library Free Resources

For General Legal Research – The Public Library of Law

For General Legal Research – LexisWeb

For General Legal Research – FindLaw

For International & Comparative Legal Research – GlobaLex

For American Law oriented Research – CaseText

For Commonwealth Law oriented ResearchCommLII

For Indian Law oriented ResearchAdvocateKhoj Library 

For International Commercial Arbitration oriented ResearchEISIL

For Law, History and Diplomacy oriented ResearchAvalon Project  

For International Criminal Court oriented ResearchICC

Preliminary Legal Research (for Fresh students) – Law Teacher

Article/ Journal Research

For Open Access Journal Articles – bePress

For Scholarly Articles – Google Scholar

For Scholarly Articles/ Documents – SSRN

Practical Materials 

General Legal Drafting (Sample Documents) – Upcounsel

General Legal Drafting (Sample Documents) – Rocket Lawyers

Keep on learning !