Rethinking Law is an analytical discussion program which provides an open platform for research and analysis of the existing legal and judicial realm to understand its relevance, functionality and efficiency. By intellectually challenging the status quo, questioning the existing paradigms and nurturing an open mind, we promote the critical thinking of young legal minds to review the age-old legal norms, laws, practices and whether they can meet the complex needs of our time.

As part of the discussion, regular Study Circles are arranged to discuss and share different ideas on contemporary issues which have particular importance to a given context. At the end of every topic, the outcomes will be portrayed in several articles which will be published on peer reviewed journals.

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Current Topic

Human Rights in the post-modern World: Relevance and Effectiveness.

Scheduled Discussion

Next Session : TBD

Suggested Readings

  1. The Origins of Totalitarianism – Hannah Arendt
  2. Challenging Corporate ‘Humanity’: Legal Disembodiment, Embodiment and Human Rights (Oxford Human Rights Law Review; Vol 7, Issue 3 pp 511-543)
  3. Rights and Property paradigms: Challenging the Hegemony (Critical Legal Thinking)
  4. Smart Humanitarianism: Re-imagining Human Rights in the Age of Enterprise (Sage Publications)
  5. Human Rights: Chimera in Sheep’s clothing?: The Challenges of Utilitarianism and Relativism (Simon Fraser University)
  6. Accountability and Global Governance: Challenging the state-centric conception of Human Rights (Co-Action Publishing)