The Ministry of Information has published the draft of National Broadcasting Act, 2016 on their website today, it is now open for discussion ans public opinion. This Law covers all kinds of broadcasting media including TV, Radio and Internet, and introduces the establishment of a Broadcasting Commission for supervising all broadcasts.

As per the draft Law, the Broadcasting Commission shall prepare a Guideline and Code of Ethics for all broadcasting activities, and have the supervisory authority over the contents, licenses and rights of the staff members of Media as well as the consumers.

In the Offense section, the draft Law empowers the commission to impose fine of BDT 500,000 or imprisonment sentence of 3 months (max). Any appeal against a decision of the commission shall lie before the High Court Division.

The draft has been published on information ministry website on Wednesday afternoon (April 20). The ministry has asked people to express their opinions and advice on the draft by May 4.

Have a look at the Draft act – National Broadcasting Act 2016 (Draft)