By FutureLaw Desk

Bangladesh Forum for Legal and Humanitarian Affairs (BFLHA) is going to host its’ first “Youth Conference”. The event is being organized in a bid to raise awareness regarding corporate legal responsibility.

At a time when many local & multi-national companies are operating dominantly in our country, it is imperative to ascertain that they operate within the bounds of the law. Therefore, our esteemed speakers will help shed light on this growing concern to a dynamic group of law and business students from multiple universities. Additionally, this session will enable these students to assess the information provided by the speakers, and contribute to the process through a rigorous question-answer segment.

This event is being organized by LegalX and Project H. LegalX is a promising new legal startup, and are contributing to the legal sector by integrating technology in this relatively orthodox sector. They are growing at an impressive rate and aims to be a leader of the legal sector. Project H, on the other hand, is a humanitarian platform that is working towards empowering women using technology by providing various kinds of training such as martial arts training, skill labor training, etc.

Location of the event:

Conference Hall, Faculty Of Business Studies, University of Dhaka

For any further info, call 01712-193400 or visit the Facebook Event.